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About the label...


Big Ground Records has been founded the 31st of October 2015. My name is Baptiste Gautier-Lorenzo and I am the owner of this fully independant label.

This idea came to me after a lot of deception from the actual record labels around Europe. Drummer in a Psych Rock band called Brain Pyramid, I decided to take the edition and production side of the work in my hands: considering as law "God helps those who help themselves".



My goal, and so the goal of Big Ground Records, is to support all type of heavy, high-volume, psychedelic, and groovy music. It is very important to me to promote bands with true essence/musical-behaviour.


List of releases :

  • November 2015
BGCD001 "MAGIC CARPET RIDE" (Brain Pyramid)

100x Limited CD edition on Jewel Box

  • September 2016
BGCD002 "VASTNESS AND MATTER" (Thermic Boogie)

100x Limited CD edition on Jewel Box